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        Ultroser G

        Ultroser G? Serum Substitute #67042

        Ultroser G Serum Substitute Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. can supply Ultroser G Serum Substitute. Ultroser G is manufactured in France. Importation of Ultroser G requires a USDA Importation Permit. Crescent Chemical is happy to help you apply for this permit.


        Ultroser? G serum substitute can successfully replace FCS (fetal calf serum) in cell culture medium. It is designed for the in vitro culture of anchorage-dependent cells. It is specially tested as the primary culture from amniotic liquid cells and is designed to confirm their ability for karyotyping.

        Ultroser G serum substitute is CE mark-certified.

        Features and Benefits
        • Semi-defined composition ensuring batch-to-batch reproducibility
        • Low protein content
        • Easy use and storage

        Ultroser G serum substitute has a concentration five times higher than fetal calf serum (2 % of reconstituted Ultroser G serum substitute is equivalent to 10% fetal calf serum in the basal medium).

        Quality Control Tests
        Tests usually performed on Ultroser G serum substitute are:

        • Physicochemical parameters
        • pH
        • Protein concentration
        • Sterility control
        • Bacteria & Fungi
        • Bovine viruses (BHV1-DVB/MM, hemadsorbents)
        • Mycoplasma
        • Proliferation capacity on Hep G2
        • Karyotyping


        Cells successfully tested with Ultroser? G serum substitute:

        • Glial cells
        • rat and human myocytes
        • Amniotic cells
        • Vero
        • CHO
        • BHK
        • Bone marrow cells
        • Fibroblasts
        • skin cells
        • HeLa
        • MRC-5
        • Thyro?d cells
        • Chondrocytes
        • Arterial cells
        • Leydig cells
        • Lewis cells
        • Promyelocytes HL60
        • Raji
        • P3HR1
        • Astrocytes
        • Erythroblasts
        • Hypothalamic cells
        • Keratinocytes
        It is particularly useful in prenatal diagnosis for the culture of amniotic cells for karyotyping.

        Ultroser G serum substitute is available as a lyophilized powder. The product is shipped at ambient temperature and must be stored at 2-8 degrees C.

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